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40 years in 40 minutes
6 day war peulah
A typical camp lauch peulah
Abraham Peulah
Abraham's Journeys
Advertising & Propaganda
Aliyah (secular/socialist) Wide Game
Bar/Bat mitzvah!!
Big Brother/Room101
Blue Peter
But what do I know (Galim גּ)
Choose Your Own Adventure - Creating a Society
Communication session (B’Yachad)
Cops and Robbers
Counter-culture session (Galim Aleph)
Crime and Punishment (moses hitting rock)
Diaspora & Israeli Jews
Dugma Ishit – An Introduction
Ecological Living
Eggheads (instead of broad beans)
Experience of Jews around the world
Festival of the Sea – Part One
Festival of the Sea – Part Two
Football and Outdoor Sessions
footstep through torah
Forest Quest
Galim Social Action launch
Games Games session (B’Yachad)
Garden of Eden
Geography Of Israel
Globalization- for better or worse?
IDF Ethics
Indianna Jones
Intro Peulah to Maslul Peer Hadracha
Inventions and Famous People
Israel’s Water Situation Peulah
Issac and Ishmael
Jacob + Esau in relation to Conflict and Resolution
Jewish 'superheroes'
Kibbutz Eshbal
Kids Party Games
Leadership in LJY-Netzer – What, Where and Why?
Leadership Peulah
Lord of the Flies
Maslul Tikkun Olam
Maslul Tikkun Olam session 4
Medinah – The State
Netzer Programme
Peulah 1) Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process
Peulah Bet to Maslul Peer Hadracha: Doing Peer Leadership
Peulah Gimel in Maslul Peer Hadracha: Structures
Peulah on Sinai: Decision making for camp
Peulah: Who is a Jew?
Peulot Keshet Weekend
Sephardim and Ashkenazi Kef
Sex and Sexuality Peulah
Slave Market
Snakes and Ladders
Social awareness- Alien Invasion
Telly Addicts Night
The Diaspora
The Nechalim Ball
The Relationship Between Jews in Israel and the Diaspora
The Vicious Cycle
Trading Land for Peace
Tzevet Relations Session (Galim Aleph)
Values: How we treat each other
Water Conservation
What does Israel mean to
whats next
Where now?
Who’s to blame for the expulsion from the Garden of Eden?
Wide game about the different types of Zionism.
World's Greatest Jew
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